Australian Consulate-General
Shenyang, China
Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces

Consul-General Broughton Robertson - Opening remarks at new Chancery

23 November 2020

大家下午好,谢谢您们今天来参加这次开馆招待会。My team and I welcome everybody here today. Thank you all for coming and for supporting our consulate as we have established it over the past year and a half. We still have some way to go, partly due to the impact of this year’s epidemic on movement between countries.

Most of you know Deputy Consul-General Eu-Niz Chan, Consul Luke Coates and our Austrade team Fiona Yu and Ellie Han.  We were pleased to welcome the DFAT Secretary to unveil a foundation plaque here in April last year and today we welcome Ambassador Fletcher to open the Consulate, although we won’t be providing the full suite of normal consular services until next year. 




 自上世纪八十年代以来,傅大使就曾在澳驻华使馆工作过三次,这是第四次;在澳洲他算是最了解澳中关系的政府官员之一。I’ll now hand over to Mr Graham Fletcher。