Australian Consulate-General
Shenyang, China
Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang Provinces

Queer Lives in Isolation Short Film Night

Masks worn anytime and anywhere, regular health check-ups, soaring transportation expenses, long isolation, social life at a distance … How has your life changed since the outbreak of COVID-19? What does the epidemic mean for LGBTQI+ groups?

Last week, the Australian Consulate General in Shenyang showed seven LGBTQI+ short films about "Queer Lives in Isolation", and invited local LGBTQI+ groups and allies in Shenyang to watch a series of short films together to learn how queer groups in Australia spent the 262-day epidemic blockade period.

In the post-screening discussion, the guests talked about the similarities and differences of LGBTQI+ feelings between China and Australia since the outbreak of the epidemic. Some viewers said that although these short films describe the life in a closed period, their forms of expression are not oppressive. They tell daily life fragments in a relaxed and humorous tone, which is unique and makes people feel the same.

Although the isolation period has brought many inconveniences to everyone's life, it may also be a good time for people to have more time to think about what is most important to their lives.

In this special period, we also support Shenyang and all queers to unite, bravely face and love their true selves, and strive for more equal and inclusive rights.